Boris Bakal

Written by on 2017-06-25

BORIS BAKAL is a theatre/film director and actor, producer, intermedia artist, curator, writer, activist, public historian and pedagogue.

Throughout his versatile career, he authored projects, performances, lectures, installations and multimedia creations, presented by the festivals, exhibitions and manifestations in more than 20 states across Europe as well in USA, Senegal, Thailand, Armenia and Jordan (including Bologna Cultural Capital of Europe 2000, Biennale in Venice, Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Akcent/Prague, Eurokaz/Zagreb, BITEF/Belgrade, INTERFERENCES/Cluj, MESS/Sarajevo, Prague Quadrennial, BBI/Fribourg, PLURIVERSALE/Cologne, Ex-Ponto/Ljubljana and others). His work is marked, among other, by pronounced exploration of the site/time-specific and the interactive elements of arts.

Boris Bakal was visiting scholar/researcher/lecturer at New York University, Stony Brook University, Studio Art Centres International (Florence), Exeter, Kent, Hamburg, Chulalongkorn, Manchester, Aalvar Alto and Columbia University.

He is a co-founder of several artistic and activist platforms and associations, e.g. Flying University (Bruxelles), Orchestra Stolpnik (Bologna), Theatre of Obvious Phenomena and Croatian Antiwar Campaign (Zagreb, Croatia). Boris is currently working on various film, intermedia and theatre projects: “Ex-position” (film/postproduction), “Concrete love” (documentary film/production), “Perfect Circle“ (documentary film/production) and “Small Retrospective of Death”(theater/production/international platform).

He is also a co-founder and co-author of the projects of Bacači Sjenki/Shadow Casters (since 2001), a multi award-winning and critically acclaimed international artistic and production platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, creativity and reflection on inter-media art which successfully and seamlessly combine international collaboration, theatre-making, urban intermedia projects, activism, pedagogical work, video art and curation into the coherent single body of work.

In 2011 he founded inovative educational program for media, film and information literacy, Frooom!, in Zagreb.


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