THE REAL WINTER FROOOM! is coming with novelties – for the first time, FROOOM! workshop in English!

Written by on 2024-01-23

Starting this year, FROOOM! film school by Shadow Casters offers one more experience to its participants. Besides our already famous beginner and advanced workshops, this winter holiday from February 19th to 23rd, we’re offering a special film workshop delight. It’s a masterclass led by Domenico Centrone, DOCUMENTARY FILM SHOOTING – GHOST HUNTERS, which means we’ve spiced up the holidays with another level up, giving you the opportunity to practice and improve your English language skills. The workshop is intended for youth aged 13 to 18.

But that’s not all, this February, we’re also coming to Rijeka. Yes, Rijeka isn’t just good in the summer; we’re looking forward to it in winter too. For all about film workshops in Rijeka, the beginner one dealing with film magic, and the advanced one, check them out by clicking on them.

“Working with children and young people is always a great privilege and inspiration. They often have a greater ability to imagine and creatively experience the world around them, something that is often lost with growing up. In this specific case, it’s a gift to me, as being a lecturer at a film workshop in Zagreb is a precious opportunity to get to know a different culture and heritage of the city through the eyes of young participants, using documentary film as a common tool for expression. As a professional and as a human being, all I can wish for is that at the end of this short but intense encounter, we all gain a glimpse of a new, re-enchanted view of the reality surrounding us!” Domenico Centrone, 2024.

Short Biography:

Domenico Centrone is an Italian documentary filmmaker, film educator, and multimedia practitioner. After his initial years of practice in the fiction film industry in Rome, he redirected his interest to documentary films by studying South American filmography and graduated in Visual Anthropology in 2015 with a thesis on Cuban documentary films. Developing his ethical and formal approach to film across several countries in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, in 2022, he founded Studio Nuvolari in Southern Italy to continue his career as an independent film artist, educator, and researcher of radical film mutations. He currently lives and works between his native Puglia (Italy) and Brussels.

Selected films: Atlas of Memories (2019); Foricampo (2017).