Leo Vukelić

Written by on 2017-06-24

Leo Vukelic was born in 1972 in Zagreb, Croatia. After primary and secondary education, he studied electrical engineering and in 1996 he started painting at the Art Academy in Zagreb. In 2000 he went to Germany to study sculpture in Dusseldorf, where he graduated in free arts in 2004 and moved back to Zagreb. In Zagreb, with two colleges founded the art organization Tiger theatre and begins to deal with the production of theatre for children and youth. Since then has made the stage design, costumes, video, light design, writes the lyrics and directed nearly 100 different professional theatre projects for children and youth in their home organization, and in most theatres in Croatia. Along with theatre work, he is active on the contemporary art scene and has realized over 20 solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions. For his artistic work has received several awards. Since 2006 he was employed as artistic director and producer of the Children’s Theatre Dubrava / Dubrava Culture Centre in Zagreb, and since 2008 he became a member of the executive committee HC Assitej – International Network for the Children Theatre. In the same year he started international project, European Theatre Night which involved 10 European countries with over 300 Theatre Institutions. The project is designed as a one-day theatre festival when the theatre all over EU and Croatia are devising bigger and richer program for its regular, but also new audience. Today he is a President of ASSITEJ Croatia and works as a freelance artist and Project Manager, mostly in theatre for children and youth. Since 2013 he is member of Shadow Casters both as author of the projects but also performer in almost all new productions, e.g. Battle on Neretva, Urban Hum, Father Courage.

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