Vitic Dances – feature documentary

Written by on 2024-04-02

Feature-length documentary film about the 20-year struggle of artist Boris Bakal to restore, through cooperation and conflicts with the local community (co- owners/tenants), an apartment building in Zagreb, a masterpiece of modernist architecture, which thus becomes a metaphor for the entire Croatian/European society, its dynamics, controversies and misconceptions. A hypertextual story about exploring the purpose and futility of individual advocacy for the common good. A s story about all of us, about others in us and around us, and the space in between. A movie with a happy ending with a twist.

Original ttle: Vitić pleše
Title in English: Vitć Dances
Country of producton: Croata
Year of producton: 2023.
Movie length: 90

List of awards / festivals where the film has been shown so far:

  • ZagrebDox 2023 – Program “State of affairs” (Croatia)
  • Days of Croatian Film 2023 – Official Selection – Special recognition of the jury (Croatia)
  • Akto International Festival Skopje 2023 – Special Program (North Macedonia)
  • Meetings of Young European Cinema Sofia 2023 – Special Program (Bulgaria)
  • Night of the Croatian Cinema 2023 Milano (Italy)
  • Desire International Festival Subotica 2023 – Special Program (Serbia)
  • Balkan New Film Festival, Stockholm, 2023 – Award For Contribution to Cultural Heritage and Memory (Sweden)
  • Architecture Festival Budapest, 2024 – Official Selection (Hungary)
  • Asian Talent International Film Festival 2024 – Award for The Best Feature-length Documentary (India)
  • San Antonio Independent Film Festival 2024 – Award for The Best Feature-length Documentary (Ecuador)

* “VITIC DANCES is the best reminder of a corrupt environment and a community violently organized on the basis of the rights of the stronger.” – Iva Rosandić,

* ” VITIC DANCES is an unexpectedly emotional film and a fantastic fresco of a society in transition.” Pavica Knezović Belan,

* ” VITIC DANCES is an ode to active coexistence, but also a living study of Croatian reality in the well-known cocktail of clientelism, carelessness and unprofessionalism.” Andrea Stanić,

* “Like the architect’s wife Nada, who danced through life with her husband, Bakal dances with Vitić’s house, a paradigmatic example of Croatian modernity. His move to temporarily move into Vitić’s building, in order to patiently build an atmosphere of togetherness on the spot in a house that is literally collapsing and reconstruction, it is almost unrealistically humanistic.” – Marina Pavković, economist and doctor of architecture, on Facebook

Redatelj/Director: Boris Bakal
Scenarisit/Screenwriters: Boris Bakal, [Martin Semenčić]
Snimatelji/Cameramans: Adam Luka Turjak, Ante Cvitanović, Bojana Burnać, Bojan Haron Markičević, Boris Bakal, Damjan Nenadić, Danko Vučinović, David Oguić, Davorin Fahn, Dubravka Kurobaša, Filip Tot, Ines Lambert, Jadran Boban, Jasenko Rasol, Katarina Pejović, Lovro Cepelak, Mark Modrić, Rino Barbir, Sandra Uskoković, Plakor Kovačević, Srđan Kovačević, Veno Mušinović, [Vedran Senjanović], Tamara Cesarac, Tomislav Sutlar, Tomaš Kratochvíl
Montažer/Editor: [Martin Semenčić]
Skladatelj/Composer: Stanko Juzbašić
Producenti/Producers: Boris Bakal, Adrijana Prugovečki, Tibor Keser, Ivan Kelava
Produkcijska kuća/Production company: Multimedijalna umjetnička organizacija Bacači sjenki/Multimedia Arts Organization Shadow Casters
Koproducenti/Coproducers: Hrvatska Radiotelevizija/Croatian radiotelevision