Earth Stations – Countdown

Written by on 2022-07-05

“Countdown” – public presentation and advocacy of performing arts works

In the last 12 months, Shadow Casters (Bacači sjenki) in collaboration with two partner performance and intermedia festivals (Perforations from Zagreb and AKTO from Bitola/Skopje), have been developing 4 (four) interesting performance and hybrid art projects with mentors from all over the world: Boris Bakal, Zvonimir Dobrović (Croatia), Filip Jovanovski, Kristina Lelovac (North Macedonia), Tomi Janežić (Slovenia), Mia David (Serbia), Paolo Ottoboni (Italy), Zhana Ivanova (Nederlands), Marija Kyriakou & Marija Varnakkidou (Cyprus), Jorge Otero-Pailos (USA), Bill Aitchison(UK/China), Tomislav Brajnović (Croatia), Hrvoje Hrabak ( Croatia/ Réunion, France), Adrienne Truscott (USA), Miloš Vojtěchovsky (Czech Republic), Zlatko Paković (Serbia), Jelena Miholjević (Croatia), Petr Šourek (Czech Republic), Pablo Assumpção Barros Costa (Brazil), Srećko Horvat (Croatia), and Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens (USA).

The projects by choreographer and theatre lecturer Josipa Bubaš (Zagreb, Croatia), journalist and performer Igor Zenzerović (Pula, Croatia), film and theatre director and author Szabolcs Tolnai (Subotica, Serbia), and directress and lecturer Marija Barna Lipovski (Belgrade, Serbia), and their collaborators –  will be presented tomorrow, Saturday @ 2 pm CET (New York 8 am; Bejing 8 pm, Yerevan 4 pm, Limassol 3 pm, Buenos Aires 9 pm) at OAZA Center Zagreb (Croatia) @ Radićeva street 9 and will be streamed live (visible afterward too!) on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

The projects will also be professionally commented on the spot by dramaturge, theatre and film director and producer Nataša Rajković, film director and lecturer Dan Oki, choreographer and lecturer Viktoria Ilioška, conceptual artists Siniša Labrović and actress, author, and lecturer Kristina Lelovac. You can see their biographies here.

Shadow Casters is a multi-award-winning and critically acclaimed international artistic and production platform from Zagreb (Croatia) for interdisciplinary collaboration, creativity, and reflection on media-literacy and inter-media arts that successfully and seamlessly combine international collaboration, theatre-making, urban intermedia projects, activism, pedagogical work, film/video art, and curation into the coherent single body of work.

This program is supported by: Zagreb Culture and Civil Society Office
The work of the Shadow Casters is supported by: the Croatian Ministry for culture and media, Kultura Nova Foundation, Croatian audiovisual center (HAVC), Croatian film directors alliance (DHFR), Government Agency for Electronic Media (AEM), EU Media, and Croatian Academy for Science and Arts.

The program is held in cooperation with OAZA CENTER, Domino Association from Zagreb, and FRU Association from Skopje.